Under Construction

I’ve just released a small update for my recently released under construction plugin for WordPress. I’d made a little mistake when enqueuing the Javascript. I was enqueuing from a path rather than a URL. All fixed though and you should see the update popping up in your WordPress admin soon. You can also check it […]

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Thinking Developer

As a developer there is a thin line between becoming stuck in your ways and constantly trying new technologies. Over the past 2 years I have moved away from working exclusively with WordPress and have spent most of my time working with CakePHP. Now this certainly doesn’t mean that I’m done with WordPress, far from it […]

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Who the Hell am I?

I'm Will, a full time web developer, geek and musician. I develop using PHP and MySQL and spend most of my time working with WordPress or CakePHP. When I'm not buried in code I'm gaming, cooking or writing and recording music in my studio. I like sci-fi, pancakes and coffee and am totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse...

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