As part of my home studio project I needed to find the perfect desk. It’s not easy. Most of the stuff you get from the normal furniture retailers is more suited to small offices and home office users and there was very little that offered enough space for both the equipment and space to actually work with it.

My research wasn’t going to well, a search for studio furniture suppliers just returned super high end posh studio stuff well outside the price range of mere mortals. Eventually I got sent to an eBay page, normally I would just leave but something caught my eye. Affordable studio furniture built to order.

Tangelo Design are actually set builders, they build custom sets for events, however they have widened their portfolio to include a range of studio furniture. They have a wide range of “off the shelf” solutions that are very affordable but also boasted custom work, so I gave them a call. Super helpful! I spoke to James and we went through what I was looking for, he then took a list of the equipment I wanted to use on the desk, my mixer, my computer, my keyboard etc and said to give him a couple of hours.

2 hours later I had a 3D rendering of my desk in the colour I had specified! He had taken my equipment list and gone to the respective manufacturers websites to find out the size and dimensions. Then using these had carefully laid out the design to fit my needs exactly. A few days later the order was placed and paid for and my design was off to the on-site factory. A week later the desk was on its way. There was a little mix up with the delivery dates, but it was all sorted nicely and it certainly didn’t put me off recommending them.

The desk arrived in a few bits and required some assembly, the desk top, pedestals, and top were easy enough to put together. The pedestals actually take the weight of the desk itself which makes sense. Whilst it feels sturdy enough I hope it stays that way. Made from composite Plywood the whole thing is quite nice. Finished in white for my studio it also claims to have a special sealant coat applied, I have however noticed some issues with discolouring especially were my hands naturally fall when working. I’ve tried cleaning it up but it still sticks around, I may have to get some power cleaner on there and see if that clears it up. It would be nice it was a Hi-Gloss finish that was easily wipe clean.

Overall its working well. Its nice and big and perfect for my own requirements, it feels sturdy and unlike most Ikea type furniture doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart each time it takes a knock, there is a slight design flaw in terms of cable management. I had a sliding panel inserted to place my laptop on, however as there is now space for cabling to get from the drawer to the top of the desk where the cabling is I have had to rejig things slightly. That aside I am very happy to recommend this company to anyone, whether you simply order from their existing products or like me want something a bit custom give James a call and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Contact: James Crofts on 01234 780 160 or at their website

Note this is a completely independent review and I have not been paid in any way by the company in question for my comments.

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