When I got my DM6 I really did love it, as I posted on here. I was so excited when Alesis agreed to send me a DM10x Kit to review and was looking forward to a bigger, better, more expensive kit. I really wanted to fall in love with it. I didn’t. That being said enjoy my review, just because I didn’t love it I do know lots of people who do!

I’ve covered the Alesis range before so I won’t go into that again. The DM10x Kit is the new flagship product in Alesis’s electronic drum range and comes in at £899RRP.

What you get

As with the DM6 the DM10 comes in a massive box and weighs close to 40Kg. It was a similar cardboard box tetris but was all well packed and the individual boxes are labelled clearly as to the contents. Inside the box:

  • DM10 drum module
  • (3) RealHead 12″ drum pads
  • (2) RealHead 10″ drum pads
  • RealHead Kick pad*
  • DMPad 12″ Hi-Hat
  • (2) DMPad 14″ Crash
  • DMPad 16″ Ride
  • RealHat pedal
  • XRack, complete with all clamps and arms
  • Snare stand
  • Module mount
  • Cable snake
  • Cable wrap strips
  • Drum key
  • Allen wrench
  • Power supply
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual

The Setup

The super basic Ikea style setup instructions are even more frustrating than the DM6, there are 4 poles that are almost identical except in length and it took putting it together once the wrong way before realising which tubes the instructions were talking about. The frame is really nice though, super heavy weight chrome 1 1/2″ tubing as per most hardware frames. It really did feel very solid with it’s 4 post design. You get a lot of space for the 4 large toms and cymbal arms. It looks super impressive, much more so than the DM6. The quick release clamps are a welcome addition and having a separate, dedicated snare stand is a great touch, although the quality of the snare stand was slightly at odds with the rest of the kit to be honest.

Each of the pads and cymbals go back to separate 1.4″ TRS jack inputs on the DM10 module and are all nicely labelled. The varying lengths and cable sheath near the module end keep them all nicely together, you also get a bag full of velcro strips for securing and tidying up the cables. I even managed to get a couple of my DM6 DMPad Cymbals added whilst I was setting up.

2 thoughts on “Alesis DM10 X Kit Review

  • Download the updates for the DM 10 module from the Alesis site. That will solve all those problems. Best kit for the money by far.


    • As I say in the review I really wanted to love the kit, I’ve always been a fan of the Alesis products and the DM6 was actually really good for the money. Since then I’ve got a Roland TD9-KX2 and it is a world away from the DM10!


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