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I’ve used a jQuery slider on a site in the past but wanted to have a re-usable version that could easily be deployed on WordPress sites. I found one that was actually written using the same tutorial I have used in the past. The only problem was it looked horrible and wasn’t very flexible. So I rewrote it and am happy to share it with the world!

The Sliding Panel widget simple adds 3 widget areas to the top of any WordPress site by installing the plugin and adding one line of code to your theme.


  • 3 Widget Areas
  • Fully customisable CSS (instructions included)
  • Fully Open Source (the original Javascript was encoded so has been replaced)
  • Free to use on commercial or personal projects


  • Download from Github Page
  • Unzip and rename the folder to “sliding-panel”
  • Upload to wp-content/plugins via FTP
  • Activate from the Plugins page in your WordPress Admin
  • You will now see it on your widgets page (it will add 3 widget areas for you!)
  • You will probably need to add the following code to your themes header.php file just below:
    <?php if ( function_exists( 'get_sliding_panel' ) ) get_sliding_panel(); ?>

Please Note!!
The Sliding Panel will ONLY show if you add widgets to the widget areas (1 or all)

You can find the source code on my Github page

A working example can be seen at the top of this site. (Scroll Up Genius!) UPDATE: Actually it’s not there any more sorry!

I’m not going to list it on the WordPress Plugin site as despite being a great system they are using SVN as their backend which is CRAZY! Come on WordPress get with the Git already!


UPDATE: 16th Jan 2012 – I have been working on a few plugins so will be adding this to the WP plugin site now I’ve worked out how!
UPDATE: 31st Jan 2012 – I have now released this get more info in the new post here.
UPDATE: 22nd January 2014 – WOW has it been that long? I am aware with some issues with later version of WordPress, unfortunately I am super busy and don’t have the time currently to update the plugin. Hopefully I will get around to it at somepoint!

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