So it’s time to give back and get involved. Over the past few months I have been seriously knee deep in WordPress, advanced theme development and plugin development. There has been a lot of help on the #Wordpress IRC channel and so when this project came up I wanted to make it a public project that anyone could get involved in!

The idea is to design and build a WordPress CRM plugin that allows customer/client/partner management with client login. With modular future development to include billing, support, and basically anything you need to add!

It will follow WordPress Coding Standards as much as possible and should be a useful plugin not only for me and my uses but should help a number of people!

I would love for other developers to get involved and help out you can find the project on Github.

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate WordPress CRM Plugin

  • hi there. I actually just released a CRM plugin for WordPress called PauPress. Would love to chat with you about it if you’re interested.


    • @frank I’m now building one for myself, that I was thinking about dropping on git upon completion. I’ve got no problem with teaming up on something greater maybe if you want. my twitter is @TheVegasKev


  • Perhaps since both projects are in the early stages, you could combine forces? This guy has just recently started working on his project.


  • hello. very interested in the progress of this… downloaded and installed the plugin, about to check it out. are you still working on this? do you have an estimated official release date?


    • I haven’t had time to work on this for quite some time. I do plan to continue work on this when I have more time, however do not have any kind of release date yet.


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