I’ve recently released my jQuery Sliding widget panel onto the WordPress plugin site. I have made some improvements since I originally blogged about it. You can find the original post here. In the mean time head over to the WordPress plugin site to get the latest copy or visit the GitHub project for the latest development version!

10 thoughts on “The Mojo Sliding Widget Panel Released

  • why is there no Demo?


    • There was a demo featured on this site when I originally launched it but I removed it a while back when I updated the website.


  • Wow! Just what we’re looking for along with a fresh new theme …only it’s got gaps that make it look like teeth! Hmm, I tried CSS but cannot figure it out – and so here I am asking for help. The site is TEDxDF.org – thanks in advance for guidance.


    • I think there is definitely something going on in your theme. The positioning of the Tab text is wrong and the open/close image isn’t behaving as it does on my site. Some kind of conflict somewhere I guess?

      Sorry not really sure what else to say to help on this one I’m afraid.


      • Fixnally found it…the positioning of open/close was fixed by changing top: 10px; -to- top: 0px; – thanks so much for creating this plugin!
        – John


    • Hi. I was able to remove the gaps in the background image of the slider, but in order to adjust the text (“Social”) in the left area (with padding), the text on the right then dropped as well. What is the cause …and how might I fix that? Thanks very much!
      – John


      • I would create a new CSS class for your left widget area with the increased padding you require and have a separate CSS class for the right allowing you to specify that’s widgets padding to be different.


  • Hi,

    it’s great to see new updates of sliding panel plugin. I like “widgets” function. Great job!

    But there is a problem with geting plugin to work …

    U should fix the folder name of plugin or fix the mojo-sliding-widget-panel.php

    folder name:

    in php file:
    define( SLIDING_PANEL, WP_PLUGIN_DIR . ‘/sliding-panel’ );
    define( SLIDING_PANEL_URL, WP_PLUGIN_URL . ‘/sliding-panel’ );

    the-mojo-sliding-widget-panel ‘/sliding-panel’


    Great job anyway!


    • Thanks.

      This was originally built for a project of mine so there are a few legacy bits hanging around causing issues. Been meaning to tidy that but up will get on it and fix the path problem.

      Stand by for an update guys!


    • Just pushed out a couple of updates to fix this and a couple of other things!


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