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This tracks was born a few years ago jamming around at the studio one night with Chappers, we had just won our first big contract for our business and came up with this idea for a track.

The original was ok but I have always wanted to go back in and re-record it all to give it the attention it deserves, finally after many weeks of work, countless Logic crashes and calling in favours, I’m happy it’s finally done.

Thanks to Lukas for helping with the guitar work! Check his stuff out he is pretty epic!

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I'm Will, a full time web developer, geek and musician. I develop using PHP and MySQL and spend most of my time working with WordPress or CakePHP. When I'm not buried in code I'm gaming, cooking or writing and recording music in my studio. I like sci-fi, pancakes and coffee and am totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse...

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