In 2007 Panic released Coda, a revolutionary tool for web developers and designers who for years were forced to use multiple tools to get the job done. Coda came along and brought with it a one window way of working with integrated FTP, Terminal and a beautiful text editor. I’ve been using Coda for a good few years and have always been waiting for the fabled Coda 2. Well it’s here, its beautiful and unlike the much anticipated Duke Nukem reboot, it certainly doesn’t suck!

I’m not going to do a full on review as there are already several on the web and much better than I would write. I would personally check out this review as it seemed to be the most complete!

As a WordPress developer I have always been using the WordPress Syntax Mode well watch out for Coda 2, it kinda breaks it. Fortunately the developer is already working on a fix and you can get a short time fix from this lovely chap!

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