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It happens to us all, a new version of something comes out and we have a quick look through the new features. Normally only noticing the stuff we have been looking for. Every time you update a WordPress version it even gives you a nice page telling you about some of the cool new stuff. Today I actually read one!

One thing caught my eye:

Share Tweets with Style

You can now embed individual tweets in posts. It includes action links that allow readers to reply to, retweet, and favorite the tweet without leaving your site. Just paste a tweet URL on its own line.

Huh? What? How did I miss this? Did everyone else now about this? Well it looks pretty good and makes use of the WordPress embed functionality. Now I have to admit being slightly embarrassed that I did not know about this. Especially as it’s been there since 2.9!

All you do is include a URL to one of the supported services and like magic it does it’s crazy embed thing!

A quick test with both YouTube and Twitter proved me to be a complete idiot. Well lesson learned, read the docs pay attention to new features and you never know you might be surprised.

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