I’m a full time developer. I work on an iMac using mainly Sublime Text 2 and iTerm. 99% of my work is written in PHP and the majority of that is using WordPress. When I learn something new I like to share it with others, Google has been my teacher over the years so hopefully I can pass on something useful to someone else along the way. I’m not always right, but hey who is?


I’ve been managing LOTS of WordPress sites for a long time and it’s not always easy! Plugin updates, Core updates, managing content can all be time consuming, not to mention backups and spinning up development sites etc. Back in 2011 I joined the initial beta program of ManageWP and 3 years later I’m still a […]

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Who the Hell am I?

I'm Will, a full time web developer, geek and musician. I develop using PHP and MySQL and spend most of my time working with WordPress or CakePHP. When I'm not buried in code I'm gaming, cooking or writing and recording music in my studio. I like sci-fi, pancakes and coffee and am totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse...

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