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So the blog has been fairly quiet over the past few months. Work has been crazy busy, but I have had a little bit of time to take up a new hobby, airsoft.

Airsoft is a game in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms called Airsoft guns.

I started playing at a woodland site, but quickly discovered that wasn’t for me, whilst fun the gameplay was long and drawn out and I wanted a bit more instant gratification. I headed over to Red 1 CQB which is run by the guys over at Red 1 Airsoft. The site is set in a disused secondary school and offers close quarter, urban combat both inside and outside.

I managed to grab a bargain on a ContourRoam2 as the company has gone bust and decided to start filming my antics! Below is my first attempt, I’m not much of a film maker but quite happy how it turned out. I’m looking forward to getting more into airsoft and will be adding some gear and retailer reviews over the coming months!

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