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I’m Will Wilson a web developer and designer, musician and full time geek from Hertfordshire, England. Originally from London, I’ve spent time in South Yorkshire and most of my life in sunny Cornwall before ending up here with my lovely wife and our two sons.

I’m a WordPress and PHP developer and have a unique insight into the importance of a healthy balance between design and technology. I am always interested in new projects even if I am unable to commit to all of them. Please contact me directly if you do have a project you want to discuss.


In 2006 I started a small agency with a good friend Matt Chapman, it grew nicely and served a range of clients from all over the world. Over the years we worked on projects including social media networks (in the good old days before poking and tweeting even existed), ecommerce sites, beautifully designed brochure sites and a range of web based business applications.

I worked in house for a large UK telecommunications provider as Web Development Manager for nearly 10 years managing and developing both their external facing web presence as well as developing internal web based tools. I also became resident creative monkey and spent a lot of my time inside InDesign creating layouts for print, data sheets, white papers; basically anything that was needed and we didn’t have budget to send externally!

I am currently Head of Technology for a global media distribution company managing a team of developers and designers building video hosting a distribution platforms for the some the world’s leading financial institutions.

I also do freelance work for a number of clients some old, some new.

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Who the Hell am I?

I'm Will, a full time web developer, geek and musician. I develop using PHP and MySQL and spend most of my time working with WordPress or CakePHP. When I'm not buried in code I'm gaming, cooking or writing and recording music in my studio. I like sci-fi, pancakes and coffee and am totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse...

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